Top 5 tips and tricks to get more Lei in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village introduces the Lei currency which can be spent on various items sold by The Duke. The Duke is a mysterious, morbidly obese character that aids Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village, serving as the game’s merchant. He is the resident merchant of the village for many years, dealing with several business transactions that earns him profit. He becomes an important guide in Ethan’s journey to rescue his daughter. The Duke sells ammo, explosives, weapon parts, blueprints, and more. With all the resources and upgrades on offer, it’s important to find as much Lei currency as you can. With that in mind, here’s some fast and easy tips and tricks to help you farm more Lei in Resident Evil Village.

Top 5 tips and tricks to get more Lei from the duke in Resident Evil Village
You can sell various items to mysterious merchant The Duke to get more Lei in Resident Evil Village

Break everything

Crates are the most obvious item to break but you can also break vases, glass cabinets, and more. As a general rule of thumb, break any vases/pots or glass cabinets as these often contain Lei. The amount can often range from a few hundred to a few thousand but every little helps. Really, if you’re already exploring every hallway etc. Then you’re likely to come across many breakable objects so just break them as you’re going along. 

Simply kill enemies

This one depends on what difficulty you play on as on higher difficulties you might need to be more wary of using too much ammo but on Standard on lower you should be okay to kill everything you come across. Mostly all enemies drop either Lei or crystals of some sort that are considered valuable and can be sold to the Duke. For instance, in the Castle Dimitrescu roof area try to kill as many of the gargoyles as possible as they can drop a pretty penny. Just make sure you kill them whilst they’re flying over the roof if you want to obtain what they drop. 

Find and combine treasures

Throughout exploring the village, you’re likely to come across various treasure parts. These can range from dolls to necklaces but most often require you to find two or more parts to combine in order to obtain the full treasure. Try to avoid selling parts of a treasure to the Duke as you’ll get a lot less than finding them all and combining them first. Some treasures sell for a few thousand Lei but there’s plenty that sell for tens of thousands so they really are worth seeking out. You’ll have to do some exploring and backtracking but it’ll be worth it for how much Lei you can make. 

Sell abundant supplies

Due to limited inventory space, though this can be extended (at the cost of Lei) you might find yourself sometimes being forced to discard items in order to make space. Thankfully, you needn’t waste these items as the Duke actually purchases such items, sometimes only for a few hundred Lei but that’s certainly better than letting them go to waste. I personally didn’t use mines much so I often sold these. 

Sell old unused weapons

Throughout your journey in Resident Evil Village you’ll often come across new weapons and expand your arsenal quite considerably. Since you can find better variations of one type of weapon, like better pistols, you might find yourself not using the old weapons. The Duke, thankfully, will buy these old weapons for tens of thousands of Lei so you can make a pretty penny selling them to him. This is also useful for making more inventory space as weapons take up quite a bit of the inventory allocation.