Hood: Outlaws & Legends Character Class Tier List

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, two teams of 4 players compete to execute the perfect heist in a violent, medieval world. The multiplayer PvPvE game features four playable classes. Each has their own unique abilities and perks whilst balancing their own strengths and weaknesses. Deciding what class to play also comes down to your playstyle. Do you wish to play brashly and smash skulls in? John’s your man. If you prefer a long-range approach whereby you pick enemies off from a distance, then Robin is you man. Without further ado, let’s get into this Hood: Outlaws & Legends character tier list. 

#1 John – The Brawler

John is the Brawler class and as the name suggests he’s the master of close quarters combat. He’s as good as it gets when you need to run into a fight and really get stuck in. His wide array of gear and skills make John a terrifying sight whenever he’s bearing down on you. His powerful sledgehammer is capable of wide sweeps to clear groups of enemies, and a sprinting overhead attack that can insta-kill. John also packs explosive grenades which allow him to dish out even more destruction. These are useful to take out Knights or the Sheriff himself, not just players on the other team.

Really, it’s John’s insta-kill ability that makes him claim the top spot on this tier list. It’s not just that, though, it’s his ultimate ability too. Called Wrath, it calls on the Brawler’s bestial fury to push his physical strengths to their limits, gaining increased durability and infinite stamina. Whilst activated, John is a hard-to-kill killing machine and its best to just run and avoid engaging with him. 

#2 Marianne – The Hunter

Marianne is known as the Hunter and she is, in my opinion, the most broken character in the game. That’s because you can see her behind you, turn to not show her your back, but she can still assassinate you. The game needs to implement a feature whereby spotting her or detecting her makes it so she cannot assassinate. Alas, due to her ability to sneak around and get those assassinations, even whilst being watched, makes her an annoyingly powerful character. 

Her ultimate ability, Shroud, covers The Hunter with a near-invisible sheen, making her completely undetectable by guards. This gives her unique advantages in infiltration, allowing her to reach the treasure vault with ease, or able to flank enemies with terrifying efficiency. She’s also very handy in the PvE aspect of the game as her unique trait, Shadow, allows her to perform an assassination on State Guards from any direction whilst concealed. 

#3 Tooke – The Mystic

Tooke, known as The Mystic, is equipped with what I believe to be the coolest weapon in the game. His flail can be swung to create space or he can launch it forward to perform a powerful impact, stunning enemies for a short duration to create openings for others. It can only be used twice in one stam bar though and is very easily dodged by characters like Marianne. Not only that, the hit detection on it seems very poor as shots that should land somehow end up missing. This makes Tooke quite a frustrating character as he should be better than he plays. 

Tooke makes for a great support class, however, as his ultimate ability Embody scans the environment to highlight obscured enemies for teammates and heal those within close range. His innate trait, Respire, allows Tooke’s stamina to regenerate at a faster rate following usage. 

#4 Robin – The Hunter

It’s a shame to admit that the titular hero is actually the weakest in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. Robin, known as The Ranger, is a sniper and master infiltrator. Equipped with a powerful longbow, the ranger can fire explosive arrows and use flashbangs to daze and confuse. With an affinity for archery, the Ranger is precise and potent over long distances. Charge arrows for increased power, or quickfire within a limited range. In the right circumstances and in the right hands, Robin can be a nuisance. 

Having said that, he lacks the ability to compete 1v1 and will regularly lose those fights against the other characters. His hand-to-hand is in desperate need of an upgrade.

That’s all for our Hood: Outlaws & Legends Tier List for character classes. Did you agree or disagree with where your favourite character ranked? Let us know by leaving a comment below.