Hood Outlaws & Legends John Best Perks Guide

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, two teams of 4 players compete to execute the perfect heist in a violent, medieval world. The multiplayer PvPvE game features four playable classes. Each has their own unique abilities and perks whilst balancing their own strengths and weaknesses. In this character class guide, we’re going to delve into the best perks for The Brawler, John.

John is the Brawler class and as the name suggests he’s the master of close quarters combat. He’s as good as it gets when you need to run into a fight and really get stuck in. His wide array of gear and skills make John a terrifying sight whenever he’s bearing down on you. His powerful sledgehammer is capable of wide sweeps to clear groups of enemies, and a sprinting overhead attack that can insta-kill. John also packs explosive grenades which allow him to dish out even more destruction. These are useful to take out Knights or the Sheriff himself, not just players on the other team. 

John is innately a very strong character. In fact, I put him at the top of my list in my Hood: Outlaws & Legends character tier list. That being said, taking advantage of the three available perk slots just makes him even more of a beast. 

For his first perk slot, John can pick from 4 perks once he reaches the required ranks. My recommendation for this perk slot, however, is the perk Dying Retaliation. This perk allows John to perform faster heavy attacks when he is low on health. The heavy attack is John’s go-to move, so it’s important to upgrade this. Furthermore, if you stay alive after a few fights you’ll likely be on low health so this perk will let you stay in the fight a little while longer. Not only that, it also makes John’s parry’s more effective which shouldn’t be underestimated as long as you’re not under utilising the parry mechanic in the game. 

For his second perk slot, John again can pick from 4 perks once he reaches the required ranks. In this slot, I recommend the perk Stable Tank. This perk increases John’s max health and lowers the stamina cost of blocking. Obviously, this is a great choice for the combat-focused John’s out there. Given the sheer brutality of the man, why wouldn’t you be? John need only be level 3 to unlock this perk so it’s one of the faster ones to attain but is worth using no matter his rank. 

For his third and final perk slot, there’s less options with only 3 perks to choose from once he reaches the required ranks. Nonetheless, it’s another one that’s fast to unlock at level 4 as we’re going for the first perk unlocked in this slot: Enraged Infusion. Enraged Infusion adds an extra punch to John’s light attacks as they’ll now do more damage. The price is that assassinations fill the Ability Meter slower, however, that really isn’t much of a bother as John isn’t much the sneak around and assassinate enemies type. He’s more the rush in and smash skulls type.