Hood : Outlaws & Legends Tooke Best Perks Guide

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, two teams of 4 players compete to execute the perfect heist in a violent, medieval world. The multiplayer PvPvE game features four playable classes. Each has their own unique abilities and perks whilst balancing their own strengths and weaknesses. In this character class guide, we’re going to delve into the best perks for The Mystic, Hood: Legends & Outlaws Tooke. 

Tooke, known as The Mystic, is equipped with what I believe to be the coolest weapon in the game. His flail can be swung to create space or he can launch it forward to perform a powerful impact, stunning enemies for a short duration to create openings for others. Tooke makes for a great support class, too, as his ultimate ability Embody scans the environment to highlight obscured enemies for teammates and heal those within close range. His innate trait, Respire, allows Tooke’s stamina to regenerate at a faster rate following usage. 

Perk One

The first perk slot can really be filled by Pastoral Aid or Innate Insight. Pastoral Aid is unlocked at level 5 and it bestows the ability for Tooke to walk through his own gas without receiving the usual negative effect of stamina drain. Without Pastoral Aid, Tooke is equally drained by his own gas as the enemies caught inside it. Tooke can also winch the chest faster with this perk, useful for quick extractions but it does mean he captures control points slower. 

Next, Innate Insight allows Tooke to start with one full ability charge, so he can heal early if it’s required. The ability metre can charge rather slowly sometimes so don’t underestimate how useful this can be in early engagements. Especially if the match is progressing quickly. Whilst active, it also shows you the outlines of enemies who are crouching. This is especially useful if there’s a Marianne on the other team who’s always looking to sneak up on you for the assassination. 

Perk Two

Likewise for the second perk slot, I also recommend two different perks. Which one you choose will depend on your playstyle. The first, Suffocating Balm, is unlocked when Tooke reaches level 7. Suffocating Balm makes enemy stamina drain even quicker when they are caught in Tooke’s gas cloud. Draining their stamina even faster means they’re less likely to be able to attack or block against you. Use this in conjunction with Pastoral Aid and it’s basically a confirmed kill every time an enemy gets caught in your gas.

Secondly, you could also pick Medicinal Potion for your second perk slot. This is more of a support build perk as it transforms Tooke’s gas from draining enemy stamina to actually healing allies. The gas turns from green to blue and it’s a great support perk as there’s such few ways to heal in the game otherwise. If you pick this, go with Innate Insight in the first perk slot as Pastoral Aid isn’t relevant with this perk. 

Perk Three

Lastly, in the third and final perk slot, the best choice in my opinion is Vampiric Bludgeon. As the name hints, this is a life-leech ability that constantly provides healing for Tooke. Tooke doesn’t unlock this perk until level 10 but when he uses a melee attack on an enemy, a portion of the damage caused heals him. Now, unless you’re facing a one-hit-kill John, this is almost always going to give you a competitive advantage in CQC situations even against multiple enemies.

There you have it, there’s the best perks for Hood: Legends & Outlaws Tooke.