Biomutant top 7 tips and tricks for beginners

Biomutant is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, with a unique martial arts styled combat system allowing you to mix melee, shooting, and mutant ability action. Here’s our top 7 Biomutant beginner tips and tricks to help new players in Biomutant. 

Pick a class that will suit your play-style

All 5 classes can be considered the foundation of your build but really there’s a lot of freedom after your initial selection. Nevertheless, it’s best to pick a class suited to your play-style in open-world games. 

Dead-Eye: Specializes in Ranged Weapons combat, with the ability to instantly reload magazines.

Commando: Ranged Weapons class that takes advantage of the “Fury” skill to increase damage.

Psi-Freak: Possesses Psi-Powers such as Telekinesis.

Saboteur: Melee Weapons class with high agility.

Sentinel: Balanced class that works well with any weapon type.

Loot everything that can possibly be looted

Due to crafting and gear upgrading mechanics, you’ll often find yourself needing resources in Biomutant. Therefore, it’s prudent to loot and collect pretty much anything and everything you come across. Open cabinets, check behind doors and even check the garbage as you’ll often find resources that will become invaluable as you craft new items or upgrade your currently equipped gear. 

Activate fast travel signposts

The world of Biomutant, like most open-world games nowadays, is massive. Even travelling by mount you can often find yourself travelling long stretches between fast travel spots. Following the main quest will uncover a fair few fast travel signposts but I recommend venturing off the beaten path to find other fast travel signposts. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did when you need to backtrack. 

Get a mount asap

As aforementioned, the lush world of Biomutant is a massive one so you’ll want to get yourself a mount as soon as possible. You’ll probably come across the Puki Azure Gnoat first. All you need to do is pick up the nearby Pip (bait) and run up to the Gnoat to tame it and make it your mount. Be on the lookout for other Pips or vendors selling mounts as you’ll probably want to upgrade to a faster one when you can. 

Dismantle gear instead of selling

It can be tempting to sell your items but in the long run the best bet is to dismantle. Especially early in the game you’ll struggle to upgrade stuff without the required resources. Dismantling will get you resources and any mods etc. On the item. Besides, if you’re completing quests and searching derelicts you should have enough cash to buy items you want from vendors. 

Buildup your resistances

There’s four resistances that matter in Biomutant: Heat, Cold, Radiation, and Biohazard. if you upgrade each resistance to 50% or higher, you can usually survive inside hazardous zones long enough to explore without a suit. To upgrade your resistance, use the Bio-blobs you’ll find out in the world. The first one you use will 

grant 20% protection so it’s good to get invested early in building up your resistances. 

Don’t be ashamed to run away if you’re in a tight spot

Sometimes you’re better off just running away if you find yourself in a tight spot. You’ll often come across enemies higher levelled than you so if you don’t want to fight just turn tail and run. You’ll be glad to not die but you’ll also save your precious health packs by not engaging in unnecessary fights. 

We hope our Biomutant beginner tips help you out.