In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, two teams of 4 players compete to execute the perfect heist in a violent, medieval world. The multiplayer PvPvE game features four playable classes. Each has their own unique abilities and perks whilst balancing their own strengths and weaknesses. In this character class guide, we’re going to delve into the best perks for The Hunte in Hood: Legends & Outlaws, Marianne. 

Marianne is known as the Hunter and she is, in my opinion, the most broken character in the game. That’s because you can see her behind you, turn to not show her your back, but she can still assassinate you. The game needs to implement a feature whereby spotting her or detecting her makes it so she cannot assassinate. Alas, due to her ability to sneak around and get those assassinations, even whilst being watched, makes her an annoyingly powerful character. 

Her ultimate ability, Shroud, covers The Hunter with a near-invisible sheen, making her completely undetectable by guards. This gives her unique advantages in infiltration, allowing her to reach the treasure vault with ease, or able to flank enemies with terrifying efficiency. She’s also very handy in the PvE aspect of the game as her unique trait, Shadow, allows her to perform an assassination on State Guards from any direction whilst concealed.

Perk Slot One 

For Marianne’s first perk slot, it really comes down to two different perks. Firstly, Efficient Assassin is one of the best early perks in the game. The perk allows Marianne to perform quicker assassinations. Her assassinations also refill the ability meter faster, so she can use her ability to turn invisible more frequently. Efficient Assassin also gives Marianne more XP for assassination kills, meaning she can level up and unlock more perks quicker. Quarrel container is, however, recommended for people who don’t assassinate much as it improves her crossbow and increases her total ammunition. 

Perk Slot Two 

For Marianne’s second perk slot you’re going to want to go for Phantom Stalker. Whilst this perk is equipped, and her Shroud ability is active, visibility is further reduced, and crouched movement speed is increased. This allows you to maximise Marianne’s stealth abilities. Phantom Stalker is the perfect combination with Efficient Assassin in the first perk slot. This perk will make Marianne’s ability to set-up assassinations even deadlier. 

Perk Slot Three

For Marianne’s third and final perk slot, you’ll want to pick Silent Slaughter. This perk refreshes your meter if you chain assassinations while invisible, so you can literally take out multiple enemies, without your shroud ever being taken off. This is an absolutely deadly perk and can allow a Marianne to wreak havoc and extend her shroud ability.